When you choose the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, you can be confident you are selecting the specialty and emergency medical center of choice for family veterinarians and pet owners. Every day, our dedicated team of experienced board-certified veterinarians, veterinary technicians and support staff use their extensive experience, skill and love for animals to provide your pet with the best chance of a happy, healthy recovery. With a state-of-the-art, award winning facility, only the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson offers this depth of knowledge, scope of expertise and level of care under one roof.

Why Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson?

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Pet Owner Resources:

Our Emergency Room is Always Open!

Providing compassionate, lifesaving care to your pet in an emergency.

In and Out Registration

Save time at check in. Fill out your paper work ahead of time.

Medical Veterinary Expertise

Boasting some of the world’s leading board-certified veterinary specialists, state-of-the-art technology, and an on-site diagnostics laboratory.

Pet Resource Library

Search our useful resources for pet health, behavior and disease information.

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